what will be preparin ´ for 2024, may be...

My lovin´ plants will be new projects, within 202-four, not only for money ...

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ARIOCARPUS furfuraceus cv. Zonge Batan

66.00 € On Stock new

CORYPHANTHA macromeris var. runyonii f. inermis

11.00 € On Stock new

ECHINOCEREUS knippelianus f. monstrosa

8.00 € On Stock


213.00 € On Stock new

HAWORTHIA pictvlakensis f. cristate

77.00 € On Stock

MAMMILLARIA breviplumosa GCG 12500

21.00 € On Stock


8.00 € On Stock

PIERREBRAUNIA brauniorum, clone 2 ex Franz Kuehhas

151.00 € On Stock new

THELOCACTUS bicolor f. monstrosus KKR ex Gerardo Snicer

21.00 € On Stock new

UEBELMANNIA buiningii f. green RNK 55, Tromba d´Anta, grafted SEEDLING !

21.00 € On Stock new
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